Pharaoh's Tomb

Make sure your tikki torch is lit before heading deep into Pharaoh’s Tomb.

This 3D Video Poker machine has a mummy that is trying to keep all the riches away from you, but a few solid spins on the poker reels should be able to keep him at bay. The tombs are covered in hieroglyphics and ancient Egyptian artifacts, all of which will make you a very wealthy person – that is if you can make it out without running into the mummy. If you run out of light on your torch, you’ll have to make your way in the pitch black, but it’s all worth it for the wealth you might incur!

Nr of Paying Levels: 5

Minimum Bet: 0.25

Maximum Bet: 25.00

Gamble: Click the Gamble button to double or quadruple your win. You may gamble your win up to 10 times in the Gamble game.

You will be playing with a standard 52 card deck featured by the Video Poker machine.
Select your ‘Bet Level’ and the amount of Credits/Cash you want to bet on the ensuing hand.
Click the ‘Deal’ button to get your five cards.
The game screen will automatically designate the cards that give you the highest percentage of winning with the word ‘Hold’ written over the symbol. If you wish to change these cards, simply click the cards you wish to hold before the final deal.
Your cards will be randomly replaced by the poker generator.
Collect your winnings according to the betting table listed on the game screen
In all Video Poker games you are betting in 5 different levels. You have to bet more to be on level 5 than on level 1. Your winnings will be as per the level you are on times the multiplier (Note: not times the bet).

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