Scratch Farm

The windmills are blowing the scarecrows are looking in your direction.

The Scratch Farm is your next destination where you have the chance to take home a massive pay day while hanging out for a relaxing day down at the fields. It’s a beautiful day out there, and will be even more beautiful once you start scratching.

Payout Symbols: 9

Minimum Bet: 0.01

Maximum Bet: 10.00

Hold Function: Yes - With M2G panel activated, you can hold one reel of your choice before spinning. On the next spin, you will not be able to hold the same reel but you can hold any other. Only one reel per spin can be held.

Select your desired amount to bet from the bet counter at the bottom of the screen.
Click the ‘New Card’ button to reset the symbols.
You can either scratch each spot individually or simply click ‘Reveal’ to scratch every symbol at once.
Multi winnings are allowed in the game.
If the ‘Gamble’ feature appears on screen, click the button for some more chances to increase your bankroll.

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