Outerspace Invaders

They’ve come from Outer Space to find a better place!

The Space Invaders are here and are trying to take over the earth. They are quickly on their way to capturing the entire planet. You can either join them or try to send them back to where they came from – you choose! It is up to you to make the scratch and change our planet’s destiny! All you have to do is place your bet, click for a new scratch card and the symbols will show you the rest. The space creatures are already on their way to taking over earth and all the money! Be sure to click the ‘Gamble’ feature when the option appears on screen. It’s just another way to win a few extra bucks.

Payout Symbols: 9

Minimum Bet: 0.20

Maximum Bet: 10.00

Gamble: Click the Gamble button to double or quadruple your win. You may gamble your win up to 10 times in the Gamble game.

Select your desired amount to bet from the bet counter at the bottom of the screen.
Click the ‘New Card’ button to reset the symbols.
You can either scratch each spot individually or simply click ‘Reveal’ to scratch every symbol at once.
Multi winnings are allowed in the game.
If the ‘Gamble’ feature appears on screen, click the button for some more chances to increase your bankroll .

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