Chat System

SMD has its own unique chat system. It is on par with all chat system and is preferred by many casinos over e.g. livechat!

The features are manifold. But used in conjunctions with the player database (with hidden email, hidden phone number) then it is a unique tool for customer support in general.

E.g. the Customer agent can live chat with a player and at the same time see the player details on the screen at the same time – like balance, deposits, personal notes etc, etc. This gives the Customer agent the chance to become very personal. After the personal chats he can then in a dropdown list see active promotions for available for the player and immediately assign one to the player.

The system can do both active chats and passive chats or both at the same time depending on the operator.

We have developed a time plan system, so the chat when empty can be used for other purposes. So instead of leaving the chat window closed or perhaps open but as a black square, then the operator can in the time plan define different news or promotions to be displayed in the chat window until the player starts writing or the customer support agent writes to the player.

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