Casino Management

We offer a total Casino management suite.

So in effect you don't need to go to any other 3rd party provider - we offer a total 1-stop solution!

This includes all the software for running a casino AND it includes the possibility of us handling all operations on your behalf.

So in effect you only have to drive traffic to the casino and we handle everything else.

  • We will do the internal marketing
  • We will do the fraud security
  • We will do the retention
  • We will do the finance
  • We will do the Customer service
  • We will do the handling of the affiliates.
  • Of course we will define some borders in a SLA as to how you wish our teams to interact with YOUR customers.

    You will have to define your marketing plan, your target area for us or if you don't have that in place, then we will help you to define this so we can from both sides be assured that we have the same expectation level.

    You might have some areas you want to cover yourself e.g. the more sensitive finance. That is absolutely fine with us we just define the areas where you are weak and want to strengthen your casino coverage with the help of our professional teams in just a few areas.

    We are flexible and can accommodate individually wishes and make tailor made casino management solutions.

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