All-in-One Solutions

Some customers have more than one casino on different platforms and they want to combine them into one solution.

Here, we can offer an all in one solution covering the following gaming platforms:

  • Rival
  • RTG
  • We can offer an administrative software that handles all your needs for any combination of these software’s as seen from an administrative point of view.

    We can setup an affiliate system connected to each provider, so in effect you handle all your affiliates from 1 system. It is something that will generate a lot of spin-off as the affiliate literally can sign up to your global affiliate brand and then without any hassle can market all your casinos from 1 system!

    Our chat system is integrated into these platforms, so you only need 1 interface to watch all your chats in one go.

    Our player handling system is likewise integrated with player details to these 5 platforms, which makes it easy to do retention and to do different global stats.

    Our customer service is used to handle many different casinos under one brand, so if you go into a certain outsourcing of your customer support you will experience a higher spin off than you would have seen if you used traditional software providers.

    Call us for a discussion about how we can help you with an All in one solution.

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